Eclipse IPK Plugin

Punkt Description

This plugin for the Eclipse IDE helps making IPK packages for Personal Java programs and Qtopia PDAs, for example the Sharp Zaurus.

The plugin was developed as an exercise about the Eclipse plugin interface and the SWT library. Later we decided to make this plugin available under the terms of the GPL to the general public. If you have some suggestions or questions about the plugin you can use the contact form to write us. But please understand, that we can not answer all questions, because this plugin is only an exercise project.

Punkt Download

The plugin is licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can read the GPL here. With your download you accept the GPL for the IPK plugin.

Punkt Changelog

Punkt Installation

Unzip the zip archive in the directory where your Eclipse directory is located. After unzipping you should find the plugin in the eclipse/plugins/de.inso-gmph.ipkplugin directory. After you restart eclipse, you should find the plugin export wizard in the export menu.

Punkt Operating instructions

Below is a short manual for the IPK plugin. The screenshots are made under Linux/GTK.

Choose Java resources

With this dialog page the Java class files and other resources can be chosen for export. The wizard generates a jar file with this content. This jar file is a part of the IPK package.


Description of the page parameters:

Control file settings

With this dialog page the settings of the IPK package control file are made.

Einstellungen Control-Datei

Below a description of the parameters on this page:

Desktop file and start script settings

This dialog page contains the settings for the desktop file and the start script. These parameters set, for example, the place where the package is installed on the PDA and which icon is used to start the application.

Einstellungen Desktop-Datei

Below a description of the parameters on this page: